World Flavors: Latin America: Argentinian Grill

Instructor: Chef Rachel Homan 

Argentinian Grill | Tues., Aug 23 | 6 – 8 p.m.  

Single class $70 members | $80 nonmembers 

Class hosted in Botany Hall Kitchen 

Itching to travel? Travel with your taste buds! Take a culinary tour around the world with Chef Rachel Homan. In this series we’ll be exploring the flavors of Latin America. Last stop on the tour we’ll have tira de asado and empanadas celebrate the flavors of the Argentinian grill.  

Argentinian Grill – Tira de Asado with Salsa Criolla, Empanadas, Choripan Chimichurri and Enselada de Palmitos de primavera. Translation: Argentinian Short Ribs with Empanadas, Chorizo with Chimichurri and a Hearts of Palm Salad 

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