Discovery Garden Pavers

Engraved Discovery Garden brick pavers make a touching gift that fills each trip to Phipps with beloved memories. Discovery Garden pavers are available for donations beginning at $500. You may also elect to make a $100 down payment; a Phipps representative will contact you to arrange a payment plan for the remaining amount.


Additional Information

In the comments section, please include the following five items: (1) The engraved message for your brick (must be no more than 15 CHARACTERS PER LINE, including spaces, and no more than 3 LINES TOTAL) (2) whether your gift is in honor or in memory; (3) the name of the individual the gift is in honor or memory of; (4) the name and address of the person you would like us to send a letter of notification to; and (5) your name as it should appear in the notification.