Painting Your Backyard Birds in Watercolor

Saturday June 3

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9:30 AM  –  12:30 PM

Instructor: Kelly Radding

Saturdays: June 3, 17, 24 | 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

$230 members | $260 nonmembers

Presented as a live webinar through Zoom

Objective: To be able to observe, record and paint your backyard birds in watercolor from loose washes to fine details.

Level:  Beginner to Advanced 

Prerequisites:  Botanical Drawing I and II and Watercolor I 

Supply list (PDF)

Relevant demos are recorded and made available to pre-registered students within 1 week of each class session. Videos will be viewable for one month from receipt.

Observing your backyard birds is a rewarding way to connect to Nature. Watercolor is a versatile medium to preserve those connections. Techniques include: loose washes that add color notes to informal sketches, wet pigment into wet washes to create spontaneous, creative colors and patterns, wet transparent washes over dried layers to build depth, color and form, and dry brush strokes to achieve fine details. In this workshop, we’ll begin with how to observe and record your favorite backyard birds;  learning techniques for live observation, ‘live’ sketching from videos, and how to work from photographs that will enable you to draw the basic form of your birds. We will then learn and practice basic watercolor techniques that will bring your birds to life with color through pre-recorded videos, demonstrations and working live in class.

From there we will learn more advanced watercolor techniques to build up the skills to create more detailed depictions of birds that includes dry brush and adding a suggestion of habitat. In our last session, the instructor will do a quick demonstration of several other ways to add color to your birds in combination with watercolor. These materials, such as gouache & colored pencils, will be listed as optional on the materials list. Whether your interest is in keeping a watercolor journal of the birds in your backyard, or you have a goal of creating realistic bird paintings in watercolor, this workshop will help you learn valuable watercolor techniques and gain the confidence to attain your goals.

Botanical Art and Illustration certificate elective