Invasive Ornamentals and Garden Invaders

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Tuesday September 13

6:30 PM  –  8:30 PM

Instructor: Rachel Patnik 

Tues. Sept 13, 20 | 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., Phipps Garden Center at Mellon Park

Field Trip: Sat. Sept 24 | 10 - 11:30 a.m., Allegheny RiverTrail Park (formerly known as Aspinwall Riverfront Park)

$72 members | $82 nonmembers

Objective: To understand the difference between Native and Invasive plants, identify invasive plants including problematic ornamentals, and name strategies for control.

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Prerequisite: None

Do you have Japanese knotweed, garlic mustard and Canada thistle causing headaches in your garden? Did you know that Japanese pachysandra, English ivy, burning bush and other common garden plants are also considered to be invasive because they spread into the wild and can take over natural areas? You may have inherited these plants when you moved or unknowingly purchased them from a garden center and added them to your garden. In this class you will learn about the invasive plants often found in gardens, how to remove them from your landscape and what to plant instead. Sustainable Horticulture and Native Plant Landscapes elective. This class has been approved for 5.50 CEUs for landscape architects by LA CES.