Colors of Mid-Summer: July 11

Instructor: Kaitlyn Caramela

Tues., July 11 | 6:30 - 8 p.m.
$30 members | $35 nonmembers | $40 supply fee
Phipps Garden Center in Mellon Park

Join Kaitlyn Caramela, Owner of Steel City Florals in our Colors of Spring, Mid- Summer and Late Summer workshop where we dive into color theory, one of Kaitlyn’s favorite topics. In this class we will experiment with using different color combinations to invoke the different feelings and different portrayals of spring and summer and base the palette of subtle hues of nature for the time of year. We will discuss why certain colors are associated with the season, the different types of flowers typically available around the spring and summer months and how to achieve a color balanced floral design. Floral Design Certificate elective.