Botanical Beverages: Cocktails and Mocktails from the Garden

Instructors: Hanna Mosca and Drew Cranisky*

Fri., Oct. 8 | 6 – 7:30 p.m.

Virtual class hosted on Zoom

$40 members | $45 nonmembers (class only)

Cocktail ingredient kit (serves 2): $30 (alcohol not included)

Grab a partner and join garden-cocktail connoisseurs Drew Cranisky and Hanna Mosca virtually in this hands-on workshop. Drew and Hanna will share with us three different cocktail recipes that are tasty, simple to make and full of a nice variety of fall flavors. Drew will lead us through three tasty cocktails: the first, 24 Carrot Magic using ginger and carrots followed by an Appley Ever After featuring fresh seasonal herbs, and lastly a Lovely Rita, a margarita like drink using heatless habaneros! Hanna will discuss the seasons’ bounty from garden to glass, highlighting the produce and herbs used in each drink. 

* Pick up a drink kit to mix along with us at home. Each kit will include fresh fruit and herbs as well as mixers and simple syrup to make enough for 2 participants to enjoy all three cocktails demoed. Add your own alcohol at home or leave as is for a tasty mocktail!