Backyard Gardening Series: Indoor Seed Starting

Instructors: Phipps Conservatory Staff

Tues., Mar. 28 | 7 - 8:30 p.m.

Individual Class: $20 members | $25 non-members

Presented as Live Webinar through Zoom

In this virtual gardening series, learn all the basics for starting your backyard garden, from planting seeds to harvesting fruit and everything in between. Learn the steps necessary to start growing your food from home. Taught by our expert Phipps staff, this series will have you prepped and confident to get your hands in the soil come spring. 

Mar. 28: Indoor Seed Starting | Gabe Tilove 

Starting your transplants indoors gives you a head start when warm weather hits and allows you greater control over the variety and quality of your plants. Learn the steps and equipment to start and care for annual vegetable seedlings successfully. Plus, discuss heirloom and hybrid seed qualities and how to troubleshoot common seedling problems.


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